Privacy Policy

At helpfulmonsters the privacy of our visitors is extremely important. This privacy policy outlines the types of personal information received and collected and how it is used.

Email Addresses

When contacting helpfulmonsters we will require your email address. This address will be used solely for the purposes of contacting you, we will not pass on or sell this information, and we will not store this information online, or send you unsolicited emails.


We may use cookies to store information about visitor preferences and to record user-specific information on visits and pages the user views so as to provide a custom experience and analyse traffic. In regard to third-party advertisers, helpfulmonsters has no access or control over these cookies. You should review the respective privacy policies on any and all third-party ad servers for more information regarding their practices and how to opt-out. If you wish to disable cookies you may do so through your web browser options. Instructions for doing so and for other cookie-related management can be found on the specific web browsers’ websites.

Partner Information

Google Adsense

For full information on Google Privacy policies click here.

Privacy policy correct on 5th April 2021 but may be subject to change