The current puzzle

This one is a little more difficult than a traditional sudoku puzzle, the numbers 1-9 are still used in the same way but you will need to solve the first puzzle to get more clues for the second. A new puzzle is generated every 15 minutes, and should be solvable by beginners and experts alike.

     7 3 
8 3      
 1  7    
2  7           
3      2   4 5 
4   1  85  561 
4 8      
 5  4    
3  4     
1      2 
7   1  65

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Check back often for a new puzzle.

Sudoku rules

Only use the numbers 1-9

Each number 1-9 should only appear once in each line vertically and horizontally.

In the sub grids marked with bold lines the numbers 1-9 should appear here once too.

The yellow areas in the grid demonstrate this.

Don't forget where there is more than one grid the numbers still have to be unique in both.

Simple but great way to keep your brain working.

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